Trung Nguyen Coffee is chosen from the best beans intergrated with best passions that is appeared in over 50 countries around the world. Especially in big cities such as: New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Moscow, Budapest, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Shanghai ... now available in Bangkok, Thailand.

Besides, Trung Nguyen coffee is the prior choice for important government seminars, forums inside and outside the country; Trung Nguyen is also chosen as Cultural Ambassador and present for Presidents.

Now you can order online Trung Nguyen coffee in Thailand. Trung Nguyen Thailand can deliver to your home by Thai EMS within 2 business days.

Vietnamese Coffee Filters

The phin used in coffeeshops in Vietnam for Cà phê sua dá (or Cafe sua da). The flavor obtained from these small and inexpensive brewers is incomparable. No paper filters needed, no big machine setup or cleaning needed to brew a simple cup of delicious coffee.So here are some simple reason for you to buy one

1) Its all metal: No plastic taste, nothing to break.

2) There is no filter that needs to be changed: The filter is a piece of metal with holes in it so you can even scrub the thing if you want without fear of damage. I used to carry filters but they would sometimes get wet and become useless. Also, who wants to buy filters all the time?

3) It will never break: The French presses that some people like are nice because they make nice, dark, coffee but as some posters have pointed out, they are often made of glass and require a working rubber seal that is prone to leaking. The Vietnamese coffee makers can make light or dark coffee and wont break, ever.

4) It takes up way less space than anything else posted, except possibly the clothes pin/filter combo. However, with that idea you gotta keep a big pack of disposable filters with you.

5) Use any mug you want. Nothing special

There are only a few negatives to the coffee maker but its worth pointing out.

1) You have to pour water into it as needed: I usually fill the little cup up three times for a cull cup of coffee. Its not a big deal, especially when camping. The whole process from start to finish takes about 4 minutes.

2) There are four metal pieces to the maker that, while indestructible, are potentially losable.

3) Since it uses your mug to make the coffee only one cup at a time is possible. However, they are cheap so just buy a few of them so that everyone you camp with has one. Not a big deal.

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